Thursday, December 12, 2013

How far along? 29 weeks 4 days. At my last appt I was measuring ahead and the doc thought I'd be closer to mid Feb due date but as of my appt on Tuesday my belly hasn't grown and is back on track for my original due date of Feb. its like a week got taken away from me, ha.
Total weight gain/loss: 16lbs
Maternity clothes? I haven't worn the maternity jeans since the last time. I have two maternity sweaters and two maternity dresses...I've worn the sweaters and not the dresses but there is still time! I can still fit into my jeans with the hair band trick and most of my shirts/sweaters still fit. 
Stretch marks? nope. I thought I got one and poor Luke endured a long evening of crying and freaking out. turns out my underwear is just too tight. 
Sleep: still sleeping good.
Best moment this week: I lost my mucus plug last week and wasn't scared but nervous a bit that my cervix was starting to open...I called my doc and he said as long as I didn't start having contractions he'd wait to check me at my appt on Tuesday. My cervix is open a tiny bit but nothing to be concerned about, so that was nice to hear!
Have you told family and friends: yup, everyone knows!
Movement: All the time. He goes bat shit crazy sometimes and it makes me wonder what he is doing!!
Food cravings: it was coconut donuts...I fulfilled that craving and now I'm good. Eating super healthy these last couple months to keep my body in tip top shape!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope!
Have you started to show yet: yup, I've popped!
Leakage: some
Gender prediction: Boy. and I was right!!!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks have started but they're nothing I can't handle!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? on. 
Happy or Moody? Happy. 
Weekly Wisdom: Always tell the person/people you love how much you appreciate them. Luke and I have always told each other "thank you" at least once a day whether it be just for loving one another or for what meal I made or letting him play Madden instead of doing dishes or for the times he snuggles into my neck and gives me one soft kiss. I am so lucky to have Luke as my husband, the things he does for us and how hard he works and his ethics and priorities never cease to amaze me. I never have to worry and I think that has helped me to have such a carefree pregnancy...I haven't been nervous about a single thing and even after our birthing class, I'm still nonchalant about it all. Knowing I have such an amazing partner has kept me upbeat and positive and made me realize that its just our little family that matters during this journey and no one else! 
Milestones: We had our birthing class and enjoyed it so much! Next Thursday is our hospital tour and that Saturday is our breastfeeding class. I've also picked out my large purse/diaper bag and ordered a little suitcase for River's hospital items and plan on going shopping for all the hospital essentials after Christmas! Its so fun to plan and get organized!!


  1. Awww man! I'm 39 weeks and haven't lost my plug and haven't had Braxton hicks! So not fair haha! You're winning at pregnancy ;)

    Glad you're doing so well!x

  2. I was surprised I lost mine so early. My doctor said it regenerates on it own so it's not uncommon to lose it early but he just wanted to make sure which I appreciated! I didn't even realize I was having Braxton hicks until they explained it at my birthing class and how to tell for certain if it's them. I'm so jealous you're 39 weeks!! I'm sooo anxious to be there! I just want to meet my little Wolfe!! And I can't wait to see your little girl, she's going to be so pretty!!