Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A new month

Its been awhile since my last baby post. Things have changed a bit for me and how I feel about blogging all of this before it actually happens.

I got a little discouraged sharing some things and have decided to keep specifics to myself until the time is right, so no pregnancy announcement, gender or name reveal until I get back to being comfortable sharing this very special first experience with anyone other than Luke. I only get to be pregnant and have our first child once and I don't want any of the specialness of the experience taken away. So when the time is right, I'll post more and more often.

Unfortunately, the time is not right, yet.
It was a very hard experience to have and after having a quick pity party in the morning, Luke turned the day into a day of fun-we went on a walk, made lunch, went shopping, lazed around a bit, walked to dinner and then went to an arcade. It was a day of not thinking about babies, money, job hunting, the rest of our usual stresses or anyone else but ourselves.

Its a new month now and I'm trying to stay positive and believe that this month is our month.