Saturday, December 14, 2013

maternity photo ideas!!

One thing about this pregnancy that I am most excited for is our maternity photos. I have been thinking about them the whole time and what I would want them to be like. I'm not really a winter person and was worried I wouldn't be as excited about having maternity photos taken in Dec or Jan but ever since I started a Pinterest board for inspiration...I can't wait!!

We were going to have them done in Nov but things fell through, so we've moved them onto either the end of Dec or Jan. One of Luke's best friends is going to be taking them for us and he is wonderful! He shot amazing photos at our wedding and I am so excited to see how these photos will turn out.

Luke came up with the idea a couple months ago of having the majority of them taken inside at our house, just being casual/going about our day...making breakfast, drinking coffee/tea, playing with Monty and snuggling in bed. At first, I wasn't sure and wanted them outside but the more Luke and I talked about it and all the cute set ups we could do, the more and more I became excited!! We bought a beautiful house and have worked hard at making it beautiful and cozy, so its setting for our photos as we make this house a home for our little family.  I love that these photos will be uniquely as ours and mean something when we look back on them after we've moved out of this house one day and remember where we started and that those rooms hold those memories and many more.

Here are a few of my favorites that have inspired our at home photo shoot!

We'll also be having newborn/family photos take after River is here that continue on the at home story. We thought it would be cute to have the same sort of photos, doing the same sorts of things but with River incorporated into them.

This is such an amazing, special time in our life and I'm so excited to capture it.
I haven't felt like many people in our lives have been that enthusiastic or involved in our pregnancy or that I have got to share many of my firsts with other people because we don't live where everyone else does. I think most women want to feel a little extra special during their pregnancies and I just haven't felt that, so to be able to get dolled up and have photos taken just feels extra special to me and I know it does to Luke as well. 

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