Monday, October 28, 2013

You will...

I read this on another blog and thought it was great...I was told/heard all these things about what till happen to me during pregnancy and at the beginning, I believed it all and was sure it was going to happen to me. I was dreading it and wondered if I would enjoy pregnancy at all because I am not one for not feeling like myself and the thought of my body not feeling like my own, terrified me. 
Then as the weeks went on, I realized I am not like everyone else and my pregnancy wouldn't be like anyone else's and this made me happy.
Then as the weeks went on, I realized I am not like everyone else and my pregnancy wouldn't be like anyone else's either...thank goodness!!
1) Your boobs will get ginormous. It took a long time for my boobs to grow at all. I wasn't sure they ever would and wondered if I would be able to breastfeed. I wasn't too upset though because up until a few weeks ago, I didn't have to buy any new bras and the only reason I did was because a strap broke, otherwise I think I would have been able to survive a little longer with my pre-pregnancy bras. 

2) YOU will get enormous. Not for me, not yet and I don't plan on letting it happen. I didn't start gaining weight until about week 17 and even then it was 3 lbs. Even with morning sickness, I still managed to get out for runs and to the gym at least once a week between weeks 7-13 and then we bought a treadmill off of one of Luke's friends and it has been my best friend, along with some pregnancy DVD's and my Barre class. I love working out and being healthy and knew I was not going to let pregnancy change me. I also have my acupuncturist focus on points that controls cravings and know that has helped me tremendously!

3) Your feet will go up a shoe size. Nope, still wearing the same size. 

4) You will become a moody bitch. I haven't been very hormonal at all. I cried a few times while I had morning sickness because I wasn't able to work out as much as I was used to and I missed it. It helped control my hormones and keep me happy, so not having that outlet left me feeling out whack on top of feeling sick all the time and dry heaving/throwing up everyday. Lately, if I've been upset its because I've felt quite alone during this pregnancy, my mom watches my niece and can't come keep me company or hardly talk on the phone, my mother in law doesn't drive and most everyone else is just busy. I haven't had many people to talk to about my pregnancy or my appointments or share ultrasounds with or clothes I've bought or nursery plans, its mainly Luke. I know he cares and is so involved, I love it but I still sometimes just feel alone. 

5) Your nails will grow fast and beautiful.  My nails have always grown fast, so I haven't noticed a difference.

6) Your hair will be amazing.   I actually lost a lot of hair during the first trimester, it grossed Luke out a lot (poor guy was constantly covered in dog fur and my hair) 

7) You will have acne or a ton of zits. Thank goodness, no. My skin has been great and I feel very fortunate. Now that its getting colder, my skin is getting dry but I found a new moisturizer to try out so I'm hoping that helps!

8) You will have a crazy "nesting" instinct.   I do have that crazy nesting feeling but we moved into our house almost two months ago and I have been focusing on decorating it and making it a home...I haven't done anything yet to the nursery. 

9) Your back will kill you. Nope, not really. I have scoliosis, so that bothered me pre-pregnancy if I did too much and nothing has changed. 

10) You will have frequent headaches and/or migraines. I did suffer from this. It was horrible. It caused a lot of vomiting and a lot days spent inside because I was scared to drive. 

11) You will be super constipated. Nope. Again, thank goodness!

12) You will have very vivid dreams. I've had maybe two. And only a handful of dreams about River. 

13) You will have very specific food cravings. During the first trimester, they weren't really was just the only food I could keep down so we ate it constantly and that was Indian or Thai and Chipotle. Luckily, the weekend we moved I started feeling normal again and got back to eat clean and healthy. Since then I've had two specific food cravings, M&M McFlurries (I ate three in two days and haven't wanted them since) and a biscuit with jam from a restaurant in Columbus, it was the most glorious thing I've had during this pregnancy.

14) Smells, like the smell of coffee, will make you nauseous. The only smells that bothered me were chemicals or cleaning supplies and now they don't anymore. I did make a parsnip/cabbage soup the other week and the smell of it made me sick but those are the only two things. 

15) You will be SUPER hungry all of the time. This just started happening and I've already learned my lesson. I gorged myself on chips and salsa yesterday, which made me super thirsty, so I drank a big glass of water and promptly threw it all up. This was all after eating my dinner 30 mins before. I need to remember I do not have a lot of room in my belly anymore. 

16) You will gain a ton of water weight. I haven't retained any water weight, yay!!

17) Watch out for hemorrhoids! Nope!! I hope it stays that way. 

18) You will be exhausted during the first trimester. I wasn't at all. I napped maybe twice and only because I had a horrible headache and would rather sleep through it than be awake. I was able to keep up the grocery shopping and cleaning and walking Monty and working out pretty well. 

19) You will have a TON of energy during the 2nd trimester. I have felt 98% normal during the 2nd trimester, I've had a few days where I feel exhausted but I don't give into it. I do a lot, Luke worries that I do too much but I can't stop, I've got too much to do and hate sitting still for too long. 

20) You may get varicose veins. Nope, I feel lucky!

The majority of things I was so nervous about hasn't happened to me and I am so happy and grateful for that. It was really important to me to enjoy this pregnancy as Luke and I aren't sure if we will have another and I didn't want to remember my possibly only pregnancy as a horrible time. 

I'm in my 24th week now and I can't believe it. Time felt like it was crawling by and while it still does, I don't know how I'm in my 24th week already...its craziness!! I'm so anxious to meet River and talk about it daily, Luke reminds me not to wish for him here too soon, that he needs to grow and become stronger and I know all that is true, I just wish I didn't have to wait maybe 16 more weeks!!


  1. Most of that is a bunch of crap! As you said, everyone is different. The only one that's true for me really is being hungry. I've always been a big eater, but there have been times when I've been so hungry it's made me feel sick.

    But I can tell you, my hair and nails aren't wonderful like everyone says! They are normal. My feet swell a little now, but my shoes all fit. Same for my bras. Sure, they get uncomfortable but they still fit!

    I've definitely learned we're all different and to just take each symptom as it comes. And definitely don't listen to people who tell you about their labour!x

    1. I agree! I feel like all the pregnancy books and other women just like to scare people because it makes them money or it makes them feel better about whatever happened during their pregnancy that they didn't like.

      Haha, that is very true! I haven't talked to anyone about their labor's yet and don't really plan to. I know the kind of birth I want to have and it doesn't involve anyone else's experience running through my head while I'm bringing my baby into the world!