Monday, March 4, 2013

You make my dreams

Since my last post, Luke and I got married, moved into a new apartment, FINALLY got Monty living with us, bought lots of new things together to fill our new space and are now in the process of getting ready to start a family!!

I won't go into our planning process or our discussions or anything like that-that stuff is private but I will say we aren't going into this lightly or just because we want a cute baby. We had big, long talks and decided together that we are ready!

Being ready and having a planning period before we actually get pregnant is one reason I decided to blog again or eventually start a new one, because we live about an hour and half away from both of our parents, I thought a blog would be a good way to let them know whats going on in our lives on this new journey since we can't always make it up there or phone calls aren't enough.

Since we haven't "officially" started the nine month journey, I don't have any pregnancy things to talk about but I have started reading a couple books, bought a couple creams and oils that were on sale and even bought a super cute pair of baby leggings from H & M. Its been fun having this sort of seque period but its also making me impatient!

Pinterest has become my best friend-I thought it was fun searching and pinning stuff for a wedding, but oh my, its even more fun doing it for a baby!! There are so many cute nursery ideas, adorable onesies and awesome baby gear! I started board for each gender under the names we have picked out, I LOVE, love love our names, we picked them together and they flow so nicely.

Indiana Jamin Sedmak is our boy name. Indiana has been the name I've had picked out for a boy for forever! I love Indiana Jones, when I was little I wanted to be him when I grew up...I kind of still do, hes badass. Jamin is Luke's middle name and its important to him to have our potential son carry on the name, which I think is so sweet.

Marlowe Wren Sedmak is our girl name. We both think Marlowe is such a sweet name and it has a bit of my Great Grandfathers name, which is where my middle name came from-Arlee/Arlene. Wren is just adorable and makes me think of a cute little bird, I love it.

For now thats all we have going on with expanding our little family. I can't wait to have more to share and to share the news with all our friends and family!!


  1. Yay! So exciting! Can't wait to see the gorgeous little babies you guys make! We're in the same boat at the moment, just waiting until after the wedding (but that's only 47 days! eep!).

    I love love love the name Marlowe! It's not a name I'd ever think of. Don't worry, we have our names picked out :)

    Yay for Sandy Sedmak!

    1. Thanks!! It is so exciting!!! Since we decided, it feels like the wait has been forever until the time we picked to start!!
      You guys will have beautiful little babies, too!! 47 days is soooo close!!! I'm so happy for you!!

      I know, its so cute! Its just the cutest name for a little girl, I love it! Haha, I know, its always worrisome that our names will get poached but I don't think any of our friends or family would do that to us but I would totally let you have Marlowe too if you wanted it!! ;)

    2. Aww thanks sweet girl. Doesn't sound as great with Clews as it does with Sedmak though :)

      I'm the same, I don't really tell people the names we have picked - someone is bound to steal them! I'll tell you though :) We have Alice Hermione, Kitty (Catherine) Mae, Grayson and Dexter. No middle names for boys yet, but I do love Gwyn after my grandfather. I see fights over middle names on the horizon! :D x

    3. Just as I posted this, it came up that someone else was using something extremely similar to Luke and I's boy name and will be using his nickname. Its devastating, so I think you're doing the right thing by keeping them to yourself!

      I love the name Kitty, that is so sweet for a little girl! All your names are precious! I can't wait for you to start your little family!!